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Certosa del Galluzzo

The Charterhouse of Galluzzo is located in the south of Florence, on top of a hill and it is more than a convent, is a real citadel of monastic looks like a fortress. Excellent Model of medieval monastic life (as was implied in a perfect autarkical and economic organization) was one of the most powerful monasteries of Europe, enormously rich, hosted hundreds of religious, and there were stored before the spoliation Napoleonic works well 500 art. The visit to Charterhouse still offers a valuable testimony of monastic life because there lives a small group of Cistercian monks, who provide much of their livelihood with work inside the monastery and were handed over time, as the distillation of liquors derived from herbs, as well as small handicrafts religious objects.
camere Certosa del Galluzzo - Ph.+39 055 2049226
Winter timetable: 9 - 12 / 15 - 17
Summery timetable: 9 - 12 / 15 - 18
Closed on Monday - entrance offer


Impruneta is a Tuscan hill country, located between Val di Greve and Val d'Ema, about half an hour south of Florence. In the past it was known as "prunetis" or "pine" and indeed you can always visit the remains scattered among the beautiful pine forests of the hills surrounding olive groves. The Church of Impruneta became famous for its beautiful image of the Madonna which was the destination for many pellegrini. Also today there is a fair note on 18 October, the day of St. Luke. Originally fair livestock, has become a celebration with dinner and horse racing. Near the church has developed a small country that became important for the production of terracotta. Preliminary indications about the terracotta date back to 1098 and the production of tiles, ceramic bricks and continues to this day. The church and its treasure, kilns with their goods constitute the largest reasons for a visit Impruneta.

camere Home of Tuscan terracotta and ceramics, in Tuscany near Florence.

Golf Club Ugolino

[9 buche/m 3.030/per 36/SSS 36 ]+Ugolino Golf Club is situated in one of the most famous and valuable areas in Italy, both for the environment and for the people who live there. Chianti is a few kilometers from Florence and offers views of exquisite beauty, as its green areas, the cultivated hills and ancient castles or farms that demonstrate the Tuscan love for nature. The wine produced in this area is best known in the world for its high quality. Some famous producers have managed to make the wine combining new technologies with their old experiences. The golf dell'Ugolino offers a 18-hole coursein 5.728 m. per 72.

camere Golf Club Ugolino - Ph. +39 055 2301009
open all over the year - closing day monday
9 holes/m 3.030/par 36/SSS 36

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