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La Torricella

is born from restoration of a part of a private villa, and that it was already existing until 1400 as a "Guard Tower".

* The warming atmosphere and the comfort are that of a private house, where the landlady attend herself at the guests, with plentiful breakfast on buffet, with home made cakes, cereals, yoghurts, fresh fruit and local produce.

* La Torricella is located in a panoramic site, infact it is on a small hill that overlooks the valley of river Ema and this position offers a dominating view of the surrounding country-side.
All this characteristics make La Torricella a romantic and peaceful place suitable also for newly married couple for spending their honey moon.

Our origins

Typical dwelling of eighteenth century, retains the respect of palagetto With the dovecote, last memory of the medieval tower with the chapel Completely rebuilt in the eighteenth century.
The Garden with terrace overlooking the Ema's Valley and in this peaceful landscape Is his best attraction, Francesco di Simone, weaver, Built in 400 by his house next to the lord tower and the first of 500 left as a legacy to Chapel of San Sebastiano in San Pier Gattolino from who, on february 2 Febbraio 1537 Pier Filippo di Giovan Francesco Ridolfi bought it.
The december 9 1574 Raffaello di Giovanni Doni succeeded to Ridolfi, and his heirs sold, about after two centuries, on July 11 1749 it to Vincenzo Cipriani sons. The Cipriani sold to Giorgio di Bonaventura Gilles on June 27 1754.

In eighteenth century it belonged to Maggioli and Lamarre and from many years Manetti Grancini family belong La Torricella.

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